Q U Y Ê N B O O K – nna

Góc nhỏ của An và bằng hữu

Father and son


Father and son    

có một bữa con nằm sau lưng bố

nhìn tóc sâu khẽ nói: bố già rồi!

ừ con nhỉ tháng ngày qua lầm lũi

bố làm gì ngăn được tuổi đời trôi


Once upon a day,  lying on my back side
looking for my grey hair — whispering softly my little child
“You’re getting old Daddy!”
Well, my dear; time has so fast flied
I was unable to stop my age going by
So debts had accumulated day after day
very doubtful your destiny and mine
even though too exhausted, I have to step like a camel
where should I arrive over an endless desert?
You young tree has been growing up with fresh cherish
but why your sap’s running dry as blood-vessel since?
wishing myself as bamboo for the young succeeded the old
trade in this faded body to brick your way
It seemed that the night has told stories deeply in
a dream moving swiftly as the shadow of a white colt
thus borrow somebody’s verses to declaim gently
“What should I do for the rest of my life?”



(The Writers Post)



June 17, 2014 - Posted by | * Thơ

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